YouTuber Exposes Open Air Chop Shops In Washington

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A lot of people want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend the car theft problem isn’t that bad in North America. Unfortunately, doing that not only keeps people ignorant, it allows the problem to continue festering. That’s why we praise YouTuber effspot for going to the state of Washington and filming the open air chop shops authorities seemingly just allow to operate without consequences.

Seattle has a huge homeless RV problem.

Does that sound completely insane? It should and everyone should be asking why not only police but city officials, prosecutors, and others allow such a thing to happen. As you can see in the video, which we’ve included, these cars are sitting out in the open, some on the side of public roads, in various states of being chopped down.

How much more obvious could these criminals get? Do they not fear the authorities? Obviously not and there must be a reason why – nobody has done anything to stop them.

A lot of these properties appear to have squatters living in them. So they not only have taken up residence in a house they don’t own and don’t pay rent for, they’re also apparently committing crimes on the property and public roads and that’s just okay. Unbelievable.

While you’re paying your taxes, making sure to only put recyclable items in your recycling bin, not shoplifting, dumping your oil at a shop and not in your backyard, registering your vehicle and keeping it in compliance with state laws, etc. just know there are people who are blatantly chopping up stolen cars in plain view and the same people who would cite you for jaywalking allow them to break the law openly. Seems fair, right?

We know not all cities are like this, but there are too many which work this way. Most people know which cities we’re talking about, it’s not exactly some dark secret for anyone who wants to know. Why is this okay? Why do some people get to flout the law without any real consequences?

Tell us what you think is going on in Washington and elsewhere.

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