Guy Bizarrely Uses Shopping Cart On Shoulder Of Road

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We’ve seen plenty of weird dashcam videos, and just when we thought we’d seen pretty much everything, this one featuring a shopping cart came to our attention. A shopping cart isn’t all that weird, expect this takes place on a large, busy road, not in a parking lot.

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Apparently, it’s somewhere in the Detroit area and so it kind of makes sense. After all, if the weird stuff isn’t coming out of Florida or California, Detroit is perhaps the next option. Still, we’re struggling to understand exactly why any of this unfolded.

In the video, which we’ve included, the camera car is approaching a red light in the right lane. A guy is unloading a shopping cart into his Chevy Impala that’s parked on the shoulder. That right there is weird. After all, why didn’t the guy park at the store where he went shopping? Why wheel the cart all the way to the side of the road where his car is? Is this a Detroit thing?

The second weird thing is the guy leaves the shopping cart in the right lane, instead of pulling it onto the shoulder behind his car. Why leave it out in the road? Is he just looking for a fight?

When the light turns green and the cart is still sitting in the lane, the driver of the camera car honks the horn and that’s when our weirdo Impala guy flips the bird. Perhaps realizing he has no intention of moving the cart, the driver tries angling around it and that’s when the guy grabs the cart and aggressively shoves it toward the car as it drives by.

This might be one of the rare cases of assault with a shopping cart and it didn’t even happen near a store.

Perhaps one of you has an explanation for this guy’s behavior, because all we can think of is don’t do drugs.

Images via dashcam.nation/Instagram

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