Deputy Sacrifices Himself To Stop A Car Thief

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Some cops really do lay it all on the line to serve and protect their community, like this deputy sheriff who crashed into a suspect so he didn’t hit some citizen head-on. Glynn County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Christopher Hatcher is receiving high praise for his heroic actions after his dashcam footage was shared with the public.

EV owners think confronting “crackheads” stealing their charging cables is a good plan.

According to Glynn County Sheriff’s Office, everything started on December 4 when the suspect carjacked the vehicle from a woman. In the process of taking the car, the suspect allegedly hit the woman and her dog “numerous times.”

Already, the guy showed a disregard for the safety of others, but he was about to take that up a few notches. He fled from police in the stolen car, exceeding 120 mph while driving recklessly. Law enforcement knew it was only a matter of time before he caused a serious wreck, possibly killing someone.

As Deputy Hatcher approached the suspect from the opposite direction on a four-lane road, the suspect blasted through a red light, clipping the back end of a pickup truck that was turning left. That sent the stolen vehicle careening into oncoming traffic.

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The deputy had a moment to react and he instinctively angled the front end of his cruiser to hit the stolen car. He easily could’ve moved out the way, then dealt with the aftermath of the crash, but that would’ve meant an innocent bystander possibly getting hurt or worse.

While the cruiser’s push bar certainly took a lot of the hit, you can see the hood crumpled as debris flew wildly through the air. In other words, this wasn’t a safe maneuver for the deputy, especially considering the stolen car was going an estimated 70 mph.

Despite being injured from the crash, Deputy Hatcher chased down the suspect as he ran away from the wreckage. Thankfully, DeShawn Stacy was taken into custody and is facing several charges.

Watch the dashcam footage for yourself.

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