Guy Crashes His Ford GT, Learns It Was Crashed Before

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The internet mocked the owner of a 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition after he blamed the stick shift for crashing back in 2022. Images of the American supercar with the front end crumpled on the side of a road in Boca Raton, Florida quickly went viral.

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Despite all the ridicule, Robert J. Guarini decided to keep and fix the Ford GT. But he’s now claiming that as the supercar was being repaired, he learned it was previously wrecked in similar fashion in Brazil.

Allegedly, this information was hidden from him by the seller, or so Guarini alleges in a lawsuit against the Canadian dealership which sold the vehicle.

That other crash also went viral back in 2015. With a crumpled front end after the supercar hit a utility pole, the owner shipped it to Detroit for repairs. Then he decided to sell it to a dealership in Tampa, Florida. At least that guy realized he couldn’t handle the GT.   

But the most eyebrow-raising part of the lawsuit filing is the claim that on the same day the dealership in Tampa bought the Ford GT it was also purchased by a dealer in Arizona and another in Canada, which is being sued by Guarini.

From there, the Canadian dealer, Silver Arrow, allegedly consigned it for auction and it was sold at a Barrett-Jackson event in 2022. Not too long after, Guarini supposedly had trouble rowing through the gears and wrecked it.

We also learn from this lawsuit that Guarini shelled out more than $700,000 for the Heritage Edition. That’s a lot of cash to not know how to manage a third pedal.

Now Guarini wants compensation for the previous crash not being disclosed previous to his rather pricey purchase. We would be upset if we paid market value for a salvage vehicle.

But Silver Arrow alleges the case is a “claim with no merit.” We’ll see how this shakes out.

Source: Automotive News

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