1968 Ford Galaxie Stolen Off Interstate Shoulder

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It’s a sad time when you can’t leave a broken-down vehicle on the side of an interstate for an hour without someone stealing it. That’s what happened to Josh Agnello’s family heirloom 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 and the man is looking for answers.

Someone in a Subaru Outback ran from Arkansas State Police.

The classic car suffered a flat tire as Agnello was driving down I-496 in the Lansing, Michigan area when he pulled it off onto the shoulder. Not having a spare tire, he left the Ford and came back an hour later to fix it only to find it was missing, reports, Fox 47.

At first, the guy thought he didn’t remember where he parked the Ford Galaxie 500. But after driving that portion of Interstate 496 “about 13 times” he realized someone stole it.

Upon realizing what happened, Agnello filed a police report but wants to do all he can to locate a car he says has been in his family as long as he can remember. A police spokesman told Fox 47 some witnesses say a tow truck was in the area and theorized it took the classic car. Police are apparently looking into that and other possibilities.

We’ve seen an increase in thieves using tow trucks to steal cars recently. Sometimes it’s a dishonest tow truck operator looking to score some extra pay. But there are theft rings and even private individuals who have been buying used tow trucks as a way to steal cars in plain sight since it looks like they’re doing something legitimate.

We hope Agnello is able to get his family’s 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 back in one piece and good condition. So many times stories like this end poorly, but that doesn’t mean his won’t have a happy ending.

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