A Black Dodge Durango Is Haunting Ohio Police

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Have you seen this phantasma?

Police in the Cleveland, Ohio metro area have been chasing a ghost of sorts, a stolen black Dodge Durango which has eluded them on multiple occasions. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Mopar terrorize a police force and probably won’t be the last.

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According to a report from Cleveland.com, the Durango in question was stolen in Cleveland on July 20 during a carjacking and assault of a woman, so the vehicle was high on the list of rides for police to watch for. After that, it was involved in several chases in multiple cities in the area, the driver successfully smoking pursuing cops.

The Durango surfaced again on July 28 at 4:30 in the morning when an Orange officer spotted it and a Hyundai racing each other. The officer tried to pursue, but eventually lost sight of the SUV.

Another Orange officer spotted the Dodge on July 29 at 2:41 am, noting that it either didn’t have a license plate or one wasn’t visible, a surefire way to attract the attention of police. That officer realized it might be the same SUV that successfully ditched his colleague the night before.

Smartly, he was able to catch up enough to see the male driver, who reportedly obscured his identity with a “Shiesty” ski mask. The male passenger was also wearing a mask, which was clearly visible when he leaned out the window to taunt the officer. In other words, police immediately realized they were dealing with truly cultured suspects.

After a ten minute pursuit through the area, the Durango driver finally disappeared into the night. There haven’t been further reports of chases involving the Mopar, but we’d be shocked if that’s the last time it makes an appearance.

Crime in Cleveland is reportedly out of control, with carjackings happening at an alarming frequency. In other words, the incidents involving this stolen Durango are all too common.

Image via Cleveland Police and is not the actual stolen vehicle

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