Arkansas Police Turn Mercedes Into Swiss Cheese

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The suspect didn’t walk away from this one.

About the only thing we can think of that’s worse than running from police is running from and then shooting at police. That’s exactly what the suspect in this very cool black Mercedes with heavy window tint did in Jonesboro, Arkansas. With members of three law enforcement agencies on the scene, they all made sure to mag dump the guy until that Mercedes looked like Swiss cheese. Poor Mercedes.

Watch police in Minnesota chase down a rape suspect here.

Arkansas State Police said 45-year-old Walter Antreall Joyce after he was wanted for shooting a man at a rice mill in Jonesboro. Since he allegedly had already used a firearm to try killing someone, it’s understandable why police would be on edge.

Instead of pushing the Mercedes hard, Joyce was leading ASP, local police, and sheriff’s deputies on a slow pursuit. An attempt to spike his tires didn’t work, probably because the guy was going so slow he saw the spike strip and had plenty of time to maneuver around it. He also slipped a PIT attempt while getting on a highway on-ramp.

However, the ASP trooper leading the pursuit sent him into a spin with a second PIT. Since the Mercedes had 4Matic he was easily able to drive on the grass and get back on the on-ramp. Also, oddly enough we get to hear one of the pursuit vehicles had country music playing during the chase.

Someone did another PIT, sending that nice Mercedes into the barrier and wrecking the front end. But Joyce didn’t give in, pushing the badly damaged sedan to keep the pursuit going. Police did another PIT and pinned the Mercedes to keep him from running again.

But Joyce wasn’t about to give up. He opened fire on police, who returned fire, turning the Mercedes into Swiss cheese in no time. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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