Queensland Subsidizes Engine Immobilizers For Citizens

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Car theft in Australia is completely out of control.

If you think the car theft wave that’s been sweeping the US and Canada is contained just to North America, think again. The same sort of thing has been a problem in a number of other countries, including Australia. Things are so bad the Queensland government is considering a $500 subsidy for citizens to install engine immobilizers in their vehicles.

Off-roading in New Zealand looks absolutely gorgeous.

As highlighted by 9 News Australia, this plan sounds interesting considering most modern cars already come with an engine immobilizer from the factory. Unless they’re talking about something else and this is a language barrier (they are speaking Aussie after all) the only group of cars without such a security measure are certain Kias and Hyundais. Those have been stolen in record numbers thanks to the TikTok trend teaching kids how to do it using a USB charging cable.

Just like in the US, many of the modern car thieves in Australia are minors. Here in the US we’ve learned that a number of these young thieves were recruited and taught the craft by adult members of organized crime, who knew kids would get light consequences for stealing vehicles.

You can see in the included video clip, David Littleproud, leader of the National Party of Australia, believes this plan only treats the symptoms of the problem instead of going at the root. Now, we don’t know anything about LIttleproud and aren’t endorsing him or his viewpoints on different topics, but we also think he’s right.

After all, even if you install devices to prevent car theft, that doesn’t mean the kids will behave or that they won’t find a way around the security measures. He believes it’s time to start treating juvenile criminals with harsher consequences and considering how widespread the problems have become, it’s hard to argue that’s a bad line of reasoning.

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