Florida Man Goes 147 MPH In Hellcat To Lose Troopers

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Florida truly is a unique place, sort of like California in a way. Both states certainly supply us with no shortage of unbelievable real-world incidents, like this one involving a Florida man pushing his Dodge Charger Hellcat to 147 mph before ending up in the garbage, literally.

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The whole thing began when a Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted the Mopar muscle car weaving through traffic on I-275 and going approximately 110 mph the morning of April 29. But when the trooper tried pulling over the suspect, 22-year-old Tayvion Lajuan Robinson, he took off instead, reports Fox 13.

Image via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13
Image via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13

As the Hellcat pushed past 130 mph on the interstate, the trooper contacted Tampa Bay Regional Communication Center to have traffic held. Considering what can happen with a collision at that speed, it was a good call to make.

In the meantime, Robinson was busy weaving through traffic so he didn’t have to slow down. At times FHP says he went on the left shoulder. We’ve seen that trick many times before. This is when the danger to the public is extreme and all efforts must be made to bring the pursuit to a quick and non-disastrous conclusion.

Perhaps realizing he wasn’t losing troopers on the interstate, Robinson exited and blew through a red light on surface streets. But that strategy blew up in his face big time when a stopped box truck blocked the road. While trying to squeeze between the truck and a sedan passing it, troopers say he hit both vehicles.

Image via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13
Image via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13

But the guy wasn’t done. Recovering from the collision, he kept pushing the damaged Charger Hellcat as a trooper was hot on his tail. Eventually, that trooper pitted the Dodge, spinning it out so hard both front tires came off the rims. That’s when Robinson and a male passenger climbed over two females riding in the Mopar muscle car and took off on foot, like the gentlemen they are.

Robinson was found by an FHP K9 as he hid in a garbage can. Perhaps he belonged  there.

Images via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13

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