Tesla Superchargers Are About To Get Pretty Crowded

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Hope you enjoy waiting!

There’s been mixed reaction to the news this week GM will be joining Ford in working with Tesla to use the Supercharger network. While standardization of a charging standard here and elsewhere in the world has been a long time coming, I doubt Tesla owners are going to be happy sharing their space with Ford, Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and other vehicle owners.

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For years now, Tesla owners have been documenting their struggles with waiting sometimes hours to use a Supercharger in different locations. This seems most typical on the coasts where it’s fashionable to have a Tesla and drive that to get your chai latte instead of the Mercedes-Benz S550 and BMW X7 you keep in the garage for longer trips or in case the electric grid goes down every other Tuesday.

 At the same time, some Tesla fanboys have complained that “EV haters and climate deniers” have used these examples of long charging lines and wait times to point out the impractical nature of their preferred mode of transportation. But they love posting photos of lines at Costco gas stations, which funny enough usually take less time to move than one Tesla requires to recharge to 80%.

But we’re sure the Tesla crowd, a group which far too often looks down its nose at anyone dumb enough to buy from a “dinosaur” automaker like Ford or Chevy, will absolutely love hanging out with those people for perhaps hours until they can get back on the road.

Perhaps GM and Ford will help with expanding the Supercharger network further now that they’re using it. And maybe that will help so Tesla owners and everyone else will only have to wait 45 minutes to charge their vehicle instead of that completely unreasonable three hour wait time that could become a reality for some poor saps. Being on the bleeding edge of innovation can be painful, just ask the people who went all-in on laser and mini discs.

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