Man Dies Trying To Sink Stolen Car

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Sometimes we see car theft stories that are just so bizarre we can’t help but laugh, then share them with our readers. This is one of the weirdest we’ve seen lately about an 18-year-old man who died while trying to sink a stolen car in a Texas lake. While it’s sad someone so young died for something so stupid, at the same time it shows how absolutely dumb a lot of criminals are.

C8 Corvette driven into the sea.

According to an official statement from Little Elm Police Department, back on December 18, Keith Johnson of Aubrey, Texas was the one who was killed while trying to sink the stolen vehicle. It sounds like other people were in the car when this kid was hit and killed, we’re assuming after he put it into drive then got out.

There are a lot of details lacking in this story, like if the other people got out of the car at the same time, why they weren’t hit, exactly how this kid was struck by the vehicle, etc. Did he step out and fall over, then get run over? Did he walk in front of the car for some reason and was hit that way?

What we do know is a lot of times when people sink stolen cars it’s for one of two reasons: they were hired by the owner to help them commit insurance fraud or they used the car in the commission of one or more crimes and are trying to destroy evidence.

This situation just goes to show sinking cars in bodies of water isn’t risk-free, just like carjacking people and committing other crimes. There’s the saying that crime doesn’t pay and while it sadly does, it can also extract a high price in the end as criminals are either killed or they have everything taken away and sit in prison for years.

Image via Little Elm Police Department

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