Netflix And GM Join Forces

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We don’t know if we should laugh or cry.

In a bold move announced in a splashy press release, General Motors and Netflix are officially joining forces to get everyone excited about owning an electric vehicle. That means you’ll start seeing GM EVs in all kinds of Netflix shows, assuming you’re one of the few who will stream them.

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To drum up awareness of this strategic partnership between Netflix and GM, the two companies ran a commercial during the Super Bowl. It stars Will Ferrell as he moves through different Netflix series while talking about the new partnership.

Among the illustrious list of upcoming Netflix shows to feature GM electric cars is season two of Love Is Blind (yeah, we didn’t watch season one either), some drama called The Brothers Sun, and a comedy show starring Rob Lowe and his son John that’s called Unstable (ironic name, isn’t it?).

We wonder if the EVs will just be in the different episodes without any mention or if they’re going to feature a mini commercial spot where the actors talk about the features of the car. Even better, they should lecture viewers about how they’re killing the planet unless they go buy one immediately – that’s why people watch a TV show after all.

This partnership means Netflix-produced shows and movies will be “taking steps to enable more sustainable productions” but only “where relevant.” Exactly what that means is anyone’s guess since that kind of language seems almost intentionally vague. But that’s par for the course in corporate press releases.

Ultimately, we have to wonder if this PR stunt won’t be long forgotten in 6 or 8 years. Time will tell, but either way we doubt people are just going to be dying to buy a Hummer EV after seeing one in a Netflix show.

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