V8 Mustang Does A Nice Jump During Police Chase

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One of the vital ingredients for successfully getting away from police, which we absolutely don’t recommend, is having a car that’s powerful and fast enough. So many chases we see are over before they ever really begin because a suspect tries using their little four-banger economy car to outrun the fuzz, only to learn in a hurry they brought a knife to a tank fight.

Infamous Blackout Charger embarrasses a trooper.

This is especially true in states like Arkansas where the state police will PIT anyone fleeing if they get the chance. If you want to run from a trooper there, you better mean business because they just don’t mess around.

Our suspect in this chase is behind the wheel of a Mustang GT, so it has the mighty Coyote V8 under the hood. Once the trooper notices the seal on the temporary tag has been altered and he runs the tag number, he finds the tag actually expired way back in 2022.

As the trooper turns on his lights, our suspect decides running is better than pulling over and facing the music. He really goes for it, gapping the trooper and making it look like this will be a quick getaway.

But the guy can’t handle driving that fast in his pony car and ends up in the dirt, turned sideways, with the trooper barreling right at him. However, instead of T-boning the Mustang, the trooper clips the back end, mostly tearing off the bumper cover and denting the rear fender.

After that our suspect drives a little more carefully, probably trying to not put it in the dirt again, but he still catches some air in an intersection.

Then it seems the driver decides to bail just as the trooper does a little PIT. However, he wasn’t nearly as fast as the pony car, getting collared not too long after.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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