Hooked on Towing: A Rollercoaster Ride on Four Wheels

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From funny, to dangerous, to outright outrageous, the life behind the wheel of a tow truck seems pretty spicy. Today, we’re going to dig into this madness.

Tow Truck Tales & Repossession Rundowns:

These Car Repossessions Are Truly Wild

With rough economic times fast approaching and car repossessions on the rise, plenty of craziness will follow. Sure, some people let their car go without a fight, then there are these people. Check out these explosive car repossessions as people desperately try to hold onto the ride they no longer can afford.

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Guy Pulls Gun On Repo Man, Immediately Regrets It

Having your car repossessed isn’t a fun situation, and while it usually can be avoided, sometimes people are in genuinely bad financial situations where it can’t be helped. Even if that’s the case, pulling a gun on the tow truck driver who’s just doing his job is far from a practical solution. One man learned this lesson the hard way when police responded to the situation, immediately arresting the guy.

The suspect, who was identified as “Henry,” tells police the tow truck driver was in fact stealing his car. We’ve heard other people refer to repo men as professional thieves, usually by individuals who believe paying their bills should be optional.

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Tow Truck Driver Allegedly Stole Customized 1965 Ford Mustang

It seems like car thieves are everywhere these days, but most people wouldn’t expect the tow truck driver they hired to transport their classic car to be one. Yet that’s exactly the situation Gwinnett County Police are investigating after a man hired a tow truck to transport his 1965 Ford Mustang from Georgia to Louisiana, yet the car never arrived at its destination.

You’ll note from the photos that this ’65 Mustang has been obviously customized, making it easier to identify when spotted. Both the front fenders and rear quarter panels were trimmed with custom fiberglass flares added to accommodate the wider American Racing wheels.

The headlights aren’t stock but instead are square LED angel eye or halo headlights. Around back the rear fascia was modified to be wider and features four sets of the iconic three-bar taillights, which are LED units.

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VINs Lead To Demise Of NYC Man’s Car Towing Scheme

Criminals in general are really dumb and that’s probably a good thing, although one could argue that’s why they break the law in the first place. After all, there are all kinds of measures in place to make getting rid of something like a stolen vehicle legitimately all but impossible. A 21-year-old New York City man named Franklin Payne allegedly learned this the hard way after his car towing scheme landed him in some serious legal trouble.

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Mechanic Dies Chasing Down His Own Tow Truck

Thefts of tow trucks is a trend we’ve been watching for some time now. While you might be keenly aware of criminals targeting Dodges, Kias, Hyundais, as well as certain luxury brands, what you might not know is many are constantly itching to boost a tow truck. Unfortunately, one mechanic died while in pursuit of his stolen tow truck, shining a light on the unfortunate crime trend.

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Lee County Towing Company Accused Of Major Auto-Theft Ring

Recently, a towing company in Lee County has been accused of making a getaway with multiple stolen vehicles taken from victims of Hurricane Ian. A truly heinous crime to be accused of, the towing company has come out to Fox news with an official statement that they’ve done nothing wrong. However, there seems to be a lot of evidence stacked against them and the accusations are quite detailed. So it seems that this is a case worth paying a lot of attention to. Especially when the livelihoods of natural disaster victims hang in the balance.

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Tow Truck Driver Steals Pickup Towing Polaris Buggy In 19-Seconds

A daring theft occurred in downtown Dallas as a thief utilizing a tow truck managed to steal a pickup truck towing a trailer and a Polaris buggy, all within 19 seconds, leaving resident Adam Lewis bereft of property estimated around $200,000.

The incident unfolded after Lewis and his family returned from a beach trip late last Monday night. Unable to park his Ford F-250 Limited in his apartment building’s garage due to an attached 18-foot flatbed trailer holding a 2021 Polaris NorthStar Edition, Lewis opted for a nearby public parking lot.

Lewis paid for two parking spots for the night, intending to take the buggy for servicing the next morning. However, upon returning, he discovered his truck and buggy were missing. He initially questioned if the vehicles were towed by accident but was soon informed by the parking lot manager that a tow truck had entered the lot and connected to his property.

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Weekly Headlines

Road Tripping Family Gets Proper Memphis Welcome When Car Is Stolen At Valet

Nicole and Andrew Carter, along with their children, were en route to see family on the East Coast. Exhausted after a nearly. 19-hour drive, they opted for a brief stay at the Residence Inn Hotel in downtown Memphis. The hotel’s valet service seemed like a welcome relief to the weary travelers. However, as the family was checking in and handing over their keys to the valet, their vacation took an unforeseen turn. From the hotel lobby, they watched in disbelief as their car, still running due to its push-to-start feature, was swiftly driven away by an unauthorized individual.

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San Francisco Weighs Banning All Right Turns At Red Lights

Keeping the public safe seems to be one of the favorite reasons cited for all kinds of government mission creep, especially in places like California. Limiting your movements or how you move as a private citizen is an area of particular concentration as of late, with one recent example being San Francisco officials proposing the banning of right turns at all red lights.

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Robotaxi Runs Over San Francisco Woman

Now that Cruise and other robotaxi services are spreading to more cities across the US Sunbelt, the technology is facing more scrutiny than ever. But it’s in San Francisco, where these self-driving vehicle services have been operating for some time that the big problems are arising. In the latest controversy, a woman was hit and pinned underneath one, suffering life-threatening injuries as a result.

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US Congressman Carjacked In Washington, DC

United States Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, was carjacked at gunpoint on the night of October 2. While many immediately made the incident about partisan politics, it’s thankfully shining a light on how common carjackings in Washington, D.C. and far too many other cities in the US have become.

Cuellar was just getting out of his Toyota C-HR when three individuals approached him. Two brandished guns. Instead of relying on the black belt the Congressman says he has earned, he handed over his car keys and complied.

Not shockingly, Cuellar said the three guys all looked to be young. They were wearing masks. Many carjackers we’ve seen caught are minors recruited by theft rings because they know kids will get leniency when taken to court.

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Missouri Woman Drives On Interstate With Husband Clinging To Car Hood

A woman from Vinita Park, Missouri has been charged with first-degree domestic assault and resisting arrest by fleeing after she drove on the interstate with her husband holding onto the car’s hood. The situation started with the couple arguing at their home and ended with the wife in jail, facing serious consequences for her actions.

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Toyota Camry Driver Mocks Arkansas State Police

We’re not sure at what point the Toyota Camry became a legit getaway car, but this one seems to make Arkansas State Police chase their own tail. If you’d told us that in 2023 we’d see such a vehicle used to embarrass such a law enforcement agency, we would’ve told you to lay off the hallucinogens. And yet here we are with the video as proof.

Like so many police chases, this one starts with the suspect caught speeding. After pulling to the side of the road, the person takes off suddenly. Why do people do this? Do they really think it gives them some sort of advantage? Are they sitting there just debating running from the cops or not? Since we’ve never ran from police, we don’t have any answers, but it’s surprisingly common in chases.

Maybe this pursuit would’ve been over in a flash had it not been for a few mitigating factors. First of all, the vehicle that originally pulled the Toyota over is obviously an SUV and not one of ASP’s Dodge Chargers. We know the anti-Mopar crowd doesn’t like to hear this, but the Chargers are excellent pursuit vehicles.

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