Custom 1962 Impala Worth $100,000 Stolen In California

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Just two weeks after he bought this $100,000 custom 1962 Chevy Impala, a true dream classic car, a man in Woodland Hills, California found it had been stolen. After the owner parked the convertible outside his garage on the evening of January 11, two men walking down the street just pushed the big car out into the night, never to be seen again.

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We’d love to say we’re shocked by this story, but we’re not. It seems like any vehicle that’s easy prey and even a number that aren’t have been targeted by thieves or stolen by opportunists who are always looking for an easy score. After all, in many areas prosecutors and judges ensure most car thieves at most get a slap on the wrist and that’s about it.

As covered locally by KTLA, the thieves didn’t realize the car was outfitted with hydraulics, so at one point as they messed with one of the battery’s connections they got showered with sparks. Even lacking that specialized knowledge, and the engine lacking some parts since the owner was working on it, the thieves used a Toyota Prius to push it away.

The video shows the Prius did some damage to the rear bumper of the Impala. Also, these two geniuses broke the grille because they didn’t know how to open the classic’s hood. In other words, these guys might have experience boosting Kias and Hyundais but the don’t know much about ’62 Impalas.

Despite all those shortcomings, the thieves still got away with the car. Sadly, all it took was leaving the Impala out one evening and it was taken. The owner said in the report he usually keeps it locked up and we bet he wishes he had done the same on January 11.

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