Suspect In Honda Accord Whines For Mommy After Getting The PIT

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It’s time to grow up.

We don’t know what the deal is with people getting caught by the police and the first thing they do is beg to call their mommy while they’re getting arrested. It’s a growing trend and one we’re sure cops are already sick of hearing. The latest example comes from Arkansas after a state trooper chased down a suspect in a Honda Accord.

See the chaos a car thief caused in Denver when he ran a red light.

For whatever reason, the guy driving this Accord decided to not turn on his lights. That’s a great way to get the attention of police. Once the trooper saw that, he flipped around and caught up to the suspect, turned on his lights, and tried to pull the guy over.

A normal person would pull to the side of the road, take a deep breath, and accept the consequences of breaking the law. This guy instead decided to just drive like nothing was going on. Maybe he thought the trooper would give up or would magically disappear. Instead, that made things worse. Oh, and he still kept his lights turned off.

Maybe the guy was on something or genuinely didn’t know how to turn on the Honda’s lights – we don’t know. What we do know is this guy suddenly took off, pushing all four cylinders of his beast hard, which meant he accelerated somewhat quickly.

The suspect puts up a bit of a fight, probably because he’s been training on X-Box, but eventually the trooper is able to PIT him into submission. See, in the real world there are real consequences for running from the cops.

Adding suspicion that this driver was on something, he keeps repeating something about his hands being up, even after troopers cuff him. At one point a trooper even asks if he “thinks something’s funny” and the guy responds that he’s “just chilling.”

After refusing to get into a patrol car willingly, the guy got to “chill out” in the backseat for a while. Perhaps the gravity of the situation sunk in a little bit and the 19-year-old decided he need to call his mommy right then. The trooper had the perfect response: no. He even called the suspect “a big boy” even though the guy wasn’t acting like one. That’s professionalism.

Finally, one of the troopers keeps insisting the Accord is in fact a Civic, correcting one of his peers. We’ve never accused all cops of being gearheads, even if they themselves believe they can identify any vehicle at a glance.

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