Lady Thinks She Doesn’t Have To Pull Over For Police

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At some point a certain section of society got into their heads that if they don’t know a police officer, don’t feel safe, or are just in a bad mood they don’t have to obey orders from the police. They also think that means the cops can’t do anything to make them comply. We see this type of entitlement in this Florida traffic stop.

Watch Arkansas police flip a fleeing truck.

Florida Highway Patrol followed this woman in her Volkswagen Passat with lights and sirens going and she just drove like nothing was happening. She didn’t go 130 mph or do anything crazy like that, just kept on cruising like it was just another day.

Eventually a guy in a pickup truck notices what’s going on and he blocks this lady from just driving. When she pulls over on the shoulder to drive past him, he pulls onto the shoulder as well. And that’s when she just gives up and stops.

If you think that’s bizarre, she immediately starts arguing with the trooper that she didn’t have to stop because she doesn’t even know him. Yeah, most people don’t know the cop pulling them over, unless you live in Mayberry.

Despite dealing with a difficult, hysterical woman, the trooper is pretty calm as he explains that she better step out of the vehicle or he’ll have to taze her. That seems to wake her up to the fact that this isn’t some argument with a neighbor or sister or whomever else – the police can use force to make you comply.

Do you think this attitude among drivers on the road has increased lately? What should police and everyone else do about it? Do you think this trooper was too nice? Watch the video and let us know.

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