Car Crash Demolishes Front Of Missouri Home

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The 73-year-old driver didn’t survive.

A 73-year-old driver is dead after the car she was driving careened out of control at a high speed, clipping one house’s front porch and pulverizing the front corner of another. Video of the incident, which happened in southern St. Louis County, shows how explosive the collision was.

Utah teen who crashed into a house is now facing murder charges.

Somehow, a 3-year-old child who was inside the portion of the house that was destroyed escaped without serious harm. KMOV4 spoke with a woman who lived in the house, who told them her nephew was sitting on a bed, which was pushed by the collision, yet the child is okay. That’s a miracle.

We’ve covered quite a few stories of cars hitting homes lately, a sad phenomenon which usually means a family has to suddenly find a new place to live. Sometimes the collisions are caused by excessive speed, other times by intoxicated drivers. It’s also possible that a medical episode might lead to a vehicle plowing into a building. KMOV4 says the house in this story has been condemned which isn’t surprising considering the gaping hole left in the front.

A neighbor told KMOV4 that people speed on the street all the time since there are few stoplights and other traffic control measures on it. Apparently, bus crashes are common in the area, which is pretty wild. One neighbor also blamed the vehicle crashes on intoxicated drivers.

It sounds like St. Louis County Police are still investigating this crash and have asked anyone with information about the events leading up to it to come forward. We’re sure the driver’s family would like to know what caused her death, while the family that now has to look for a new place to live probably wants answers as well.

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